Mission: Supply Run

Bring war material with you from home, but forage on the enemy… use the conquered foe to augment one’s own strength.


Attacker (McKinnon’s Raiders)
The Attacker consists of a small portion of the player force and may use up to four units. The Attacker enters from the edge opposite the Defender’s home edge. This edge is then designated the Attacker’s home edge.

If the Attacker successfully completed a Mission: Recon-In-Force track immediately prior to this mission, he may wait to select his forces until after the Defender has determined his.

The Defender is a portion of the planetary defender’s force guarding a supply depot. To determine the Defender’s Force Composition, roll 1D6 on the following table. Add a –2 modifier to the roll if the Attacker executed a successful Mission: Recon immediately before this track, to a minimum result of 1.

The Defender sets up all of his forces anywhere on either mapsheet. In addition, he designates six hexes as building hexes. For the purposes of this track, these buildings are considered 1 Level tall and indestructible. (If using building rules from Total Warfare, then use Medium Level 1 buildings with a CF of 40.) The buildings must be within four hexes of each other. The Defender secretly designates 1d6+1 (max. 6) of the buildings as supply warehouses and writes down this information.

Track Cost: 200 WP
Optional Bonuses (points are gained if at least one Objective is completed with following optional rules, all bonuses cumulative):
+75 Timing: Roll once on the General Weather Table 1: Light and apply the result to the battlefield.

Search objective. Determine which two buildings contain supplies. This may be done by scanning a building for one turn. A unit that is scanning a building may not fire any weapons that turn and must be within 2 hexes of the building hex. (Reward: 100)
Scratch the paint. Cripple / destroy all of the Defender’s forces. (Reward: 100)
Resist! At least half of the Attacker’s force must survive ten turns of combat and be present at the end of the track. (Reward: 100)

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Salvage and Loot
The Salvage rule is in effect only if the Attacker completes all three objectives. Roll 1D6 for each supply building and use the following table to determine the building’s contents. Apply –1 modifier to the roll if the Attacker failed to complete a successful Recon or Recon-In-Force immediately prior to this track.


Forced Withdrawal
Both sides follow the Forced Withdrawal rules.

Recon, Assault, Defend, Fighting Withdrawal, Pursuit, Recon-In-Force

Mission: Supply Run

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