Mission: Recon

Wenn Du Deinen Feind kennst und dich selbst kennst, brauchst du das Ergebnis von 100 Schlachten nicht zu fürchten..


The Attacker consists of a small portion of the player force and may use up to four units. The Attacker chooses his forces first and may choose which map edge to enter on. This edge is then designated the Attacker’s home edge.

The Defender is a portion of the planetary defender’s force and is determined after the Attacker has chosen his forces. To determine the Defender’s Force Composition, roll 1D6 on the following table. Add +1 to the roll if the previous track engaged a militia force.

The Defender sets up half of his force (rounded down) on the board. The rest of the Defender’s force enters from their home edge on the beginning of Turn 3.

Track Cost: 200 WP
Optional Bonuses (points are gained if at least one Objective is completed with following optional rules, all bonuses cumulative):
+25 Complicated Weather: Roll once on the General Weather Table and apply the result to the battlefield.
+25 Treacherous Terrain: Roll once on the General Terrain Table and apply the result to the battlefield.

ID / Scan half of the Defender’s force. Scanning must be done within 4 hexes of an enemy unit at the end of the Movement phase and in lieu of any attack. (Reward: 100)
Preemptive strike. Destroy/Cripple at least 25% of the opponent’s force. (Reward: 100)
Escape! At least half of the Attacker’s force must survive and exit the Attacker’s home edge after eight turns. (Reward: 100)

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Forced Withdrawal
The Defender’s force is leery of a full-press engagement and follows the Forced Withdrawal rules during this track.

The Salvage rule applies only if the Preemptive strike objective is achieved.

Recon, Supply Run, Defend, Assault, Beachhead, Recon-In-Force

Mission: Recon

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