Mission: Pursuit

Keep on; see what else you can do to raise the devil with the enemy.
— General George S. Patton, Jr.


Attacker (McKinnon’s Raiders)
The Attacker is a portion of the player’s force. The Attacker may choose up to six units and may choose his units after the Defender determines his.

At least 3/4ths of the Attacker’s units enter on the first turn from the Defender’s home edge. The remainder will enter from the Attacker’s home edge at the beginning of Turn 3.

The Defender consists of part of a Militia force. To determine the militia’s unit composition, roll using the following table.
The Defender enters all of his units from the Attacker’s home edge.

Track Cost: 400 WP
Optional Bonuses:
+100 Complicated Weather: Roll once on the General Weather Table and apply the result to the battlefield.
+100 Treacherous Terrain: Roll once on the General Terrain Table and apply the result to the battlefield.

Prevention. Prevent at least 75% of the opponent’s force from exiting through their home edge through the end of Turn 15. (Reward: 300)
No quarter. Destroy/Cripple all of the opponent’s forces. (Reward: 400)

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Forced Withdrawal
The Attacker’s force follows the Forced Withdrawal rules.

Recon, Probe, Defend, Recon-In-Force

Mission: Pursuit

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