Mission: Probe

This high proportion of history’s decisive campaigns, the significance of which is enhanced by the comparative rarity of the direct approach, enforces the conclusion that the indirect is by far the most hopeful and economic form of strategy.


Attacker (McKinnon’s Raiders)
The Attacker consists of a small portion of the player force and may use up to six units. Two-thirds of the Attacker’s force enters from their home edge at the beginning of the game. The remaining units enter from any edge (other than the Defender’s home edge) anytime after turn five.

The Defender is a portion of a House Line force. Roll 1d6 to determine the composition of the Defender’s force. The Defender sets up all but one unit on the half of the
battlefield closest to the Defender’s home edge. The last unit enters the game from the Defender’s home edge at the beginning of turn seven.

Track Cost: 300 WP
Optional Bonuses:
+100 Treacherous Terrain: Roll once on the General Terrain Table and apply the result to the battlefield.
+100 Complicated Weather: Roll once on the General Weather Table and apply the result to the battlefield.

Crush! Destroy all of the Defender’s Heavy BattleMechs. (Reward: 300)
Resist! At least half of the Attacker’s force must survive ten turns of combat. (Reward: 100)

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Forced Withdrawal
The Defender is spread thin elsewhere and follows the Forced Withdrawal rules (see p. 60) once half of its force is destroyed or crippled.

The Salvage rule is in effect if the Attacker completes both objectives.

Assault, Defend, Supply Run

Mission: Probe

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