Mission: Assault

The second rule is to concentrate our power as much as possible against that section where the chief blows are to be delivered and to incur disadvantages elsewhere, so that our chances of success may increase at the decisive point.


Attacker (McKinnon’s Raiders)
The Attacker is a portion of the player’s force. The Attacker may choose up to eight units but need not choose his units before the Defender determines his.

The Attacker selects 2/3rds of his force (rounding up) to enter from either (or both) of the selected edges at the beginning of the game. The remaining portion of the Attacker’s force may enter at the beginning of any turn between turns 4 and 12, as long as at least one operational unit remains on the battlefield.

The Defender is a portion of the planetary defender’s force attacking the player’s force. To determine the Defender’s Force Composition, roll 1D6 on the following table. Add a +2 modifier to the roll if the Attacker failed to complete a successful Mission: Recon or Mission: Defend immediately prior to this track.

Track Cost: 400 WP
Optional Bonuses:
+100 Complicated Weather: Roll once on the General Weather Table and apply the result to the battlefield.

Hammer. Cripple or destroy at least 2/3rds of the Defender’s force. (Reward: 400)
Cutting off the head. Cripple or destroy the enemy commander’s BattleMech. (Reward: 150)

The following rules are in effect for this track:

The salvage rule is in effect if the Attacker achieves the Hammer objective.

One of the units on the Defender’s force is a field commander.

Recon, Assault, Defend, Fighting Withdrawal, Pursuit, Recon-In-Force

Mission: Assault

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