While on a campaign, forces can recover some SP by scrapping any units in their possession. This can be done either with units that are already part of their active forces (in which case the act of scrapping the unit amounts to disbanding or cannibalizing an otherwise functional unit for the benefit of the force’s overall survival), or with units that have been salvaged or captured in battle.

Once a unit is scrapped for any reason, it may not be “un-scrapped”. Replacing a unit requires purchasing a new one entirely, which is covered under the Upgrade Sub-Phase.

Scrapping Units: The Base Scrap SP Table provides the starting SP value that can be obtained by scrapping an undamaged unit by type. To find the SP value for a damaged unit when it is scrapped, subtract the SP cost for any repairs from the unit’s Base Scrap SP value. The scrap value of a unit diagnosed as “destroyed salvage” is equal to the unit’s Base
Scrap SP divided by 5 (rounding up).

Infantry Scrap: As an exception to the above, infantry units do not change their scrap value at all. “Scrapping” an infantry unit actually reflects the act of disbanding or disbursing the troops to aid in support staff operations, while their equipment is broken down and recycled as necessary. Because so much of these units are bound up in their manpower, the process has minimal waste.


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