Non-Destroyed Salvage: Units that were crippled and/or abandoned in the previous scenario—but were not fully marked off—may also be salvaged after the battle. In this case, the unit is treated as Damaged Equipment, and thus requires no diagnostic roll to assess its salvage potential. A unit classified as non-destroyed salvage may be repaired, or scrapped for SP, in the Recovery Sub-Phase.

Destroyed Salvage: Unless specifically forbidden by scenario rules (or by an extreme time limit between missions), virtually all units that are counted as destroyed at the end of a scenario may be salvaged by whichever force still holds the field at the end of the battle. When salvage is permitted between scenarios, these tactically destroyed units have a chance to be recovered—even if they have suffered a complete loss of all armor and structure points from damage, or were destroyed via a Unit Destroyed critical hit. Only under a few extreme cases will a unit be considered “automatically unsalvageable”. Any aerospace units that are destroyed through crashing cannot be salvaged, nor can any units that were destroyed by Ammo Hit or Fuel Hit critical without the benefits of a CASE special (of any kind). Furthermore, any unit type that had its last points of structure marked off by area-effect damage (including artillery attacks, bombs, fire, and orbital bombardment), cannot be recovered as salvage in any way. Finally, destroyed conventional infantry units of any kind cannot be salvaged, but may undergo healing if they received a WIA or Unharmed result during their Pilot or Crew Diagnostic.

All destroyed units not specifically rendered “automatically unsalvageable” may potentially be recovered by whichever player’s force still holds the field at the end of the scenario. To determine this, the player whose force is attempting to salvage the wreck must make a special diagnostic check by rolling 2D6 against his force’s Tech Skill target number.

If this diagnostic check succeeds by a MoS of 2 or more, the destroyed unit is upgraded to “non-destroyed salvage”, and may either be repaired or scrapped for SP.

If the Diagnostic Check succeeds by a MoS of 0 or 1, the destroyed unit is classified as “destroyed salvage”—too far gone to repair, but still worth some amount of SP in scrap.

A diagnostic check that fails by any margin will classify the wreckage as completely unsalvageable, and not even worth the effort to scrap.


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