Repair and Rearming



Repairs: Any non-infantry units that have been recovered or captured from the battlefield as “non-destroyed salvage” can be repaired, as can any units diagnosed as merely “damaged”. Units can only be repaired if its force has sufficient SP to pay for all of its repairs and enough man-hours available to do so. Note that many repairs have a variable cost, based on how much damage the component sustained.

In order to help decide which units to repair first, it is recommended that players tally the SP costs and repair times for each damaged or salvageable unit individually, before generating a sum for the entire combat force. Be sure to include any SP costs and time required for units that require refueling or rearming as well.

Once a unit’s repair cost (in both SPs and man-hours) has been paid, the controlling player must then roll 2D6 once for every distinct repair activity required to completely fix, refuel, or rearm the selected unit. This roll is made against the force’s Tech Skill TN, plus the applicable modifiers for the repair as found in the Expanded Repair and Rearming Table (links zu sehen).

If the roll result equals or exceeds the modified TN, the repair succeeds. If the repair fails by more than 1 point, the repair activity has failed and the component remains as damaged as it was before. Any repair that has failed cannot be attempted again until after the next scenario.

Refueling and Rearming: Any unit that took part in the latest scenario will require refueling and rearming if it uses fuel, ammunition, or other consumables. This process is always successful if the force spends the SP and man-hours necessary to perform the task; no roll is required to refuel or rearm a unit.

A unit will require refueling if it is an aerospace unit of any type (including airship and fixed-wing support vehicles, fighters, Small Craft, DropShips, JumpShips, or WarShips), or if is any unit that features the EE or FC special unit abilities.

Units that require rearming will be any that possess one or more of the special unit abilities found on the Consumable Systems Table. Each consumable system will add its SP cost and repair time to that unit’s rearming process.

Repair and Rearming

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