Pilot and Crew Healing


Players must also spend SPs and man-hours to heal any wounded pilots, crews, and troops between scenarios. In this respect, healing works much like the repair process. The SP cost and modifiers for healing pilots, crews, and troops are shown in the Pilot and Crew Healing Table. Only warriors that have been diagnosed as wounded (WIA) may be healed under this system.

Healing Process: Once a pilot, crew, or infantry unit’s healing cost (in both SPs and man-hours) has been paid, its controlling player initiates the healing process by rolling 2D6 for the selected unit. This roll uses the force’s Tech Skill TN, plus the healing modifier appropriate for the unit’s pilot or crew type. If successful, the healing process begins successfully.

Unlike repairs, however, healing cannot be hastened by having more techs on the job. In addition to the man-hours spent on initiating a pilot, crew, or troop’s healing, a recovery time appears in the table. This is the number of days before the pilot, crew, or troop will improve, moving its status from wounded in action (WIA) to Unharmed.

If the healing roll fails, the affected personnel will not improve on schedule, and the wounded will remain so until the medics have a chance to try again after the next scenario.

Pilot and Crew Healing

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