Critical Hit Table


Ammo Hit: Unless the unit has the CASE, CASEII, or ENE special abilities, the unit is destroyed. If the unit has CASE, it suffers 1 additional point of damage (roll again on the Determining Critical Hits Table if this damages structure). If the unit has the CASEII or ENE special abilities, apply no additional damage and treat the result as No Critical Hit.

Crew Killed: The unit’s crew is killed. The unit is treated as destroyed.

Crew Stunned: The unit’s crew is stunned, and the unit may not move or make attacks during the next turn. A unit with a stunned crew is treated as an immobile target.

Engine Hit (’Mechs): The unit’s power system is damaged. For ’Mechs units, an engine hit will cause the unit to generate 1 heat point any time it fires its weapons without delivering any extra damage from overheating. (The unit may still use overheating to add damage to its attacks, but this heat will add to the 1 point generated by the engine hit.) A second Engine Hit critical will destroy the unit.

Engine Hit (Vehicles): For Vehicle units, the first engine hit will reduce the unit’s Move and damage values at all range brackets by 50 percent (round down, to a minimum of 0 on all values). A second Engine Hit critical will destroy the unit.

Fire Control Hit: Some mechanism for controlling the unit’s weapons has been damaged. This could represent anything from arm actuator damage to sensor hits. Each Fire Control Hit adds a cumulative to-hit modifier of +2 for all subsequent weapon attacks by the damaged unit. (This modifier will not apply to physical attacks.)

MP Hit: Something related to the unit’s ability to move has been damaged. The affected unit loses half of its current Move, rounding normally (to a minimum Move loss of 1 hex). If a unit is reduced to a Move of 0 hex (or less) in this fashion, the unit is immobile.

No Critical Hit: The hit causes no critical effect. Unit Destroyed: The unit has suffered fatal damage and is eliminated from the game.

Weapon Hit: This hit represents the destruction of a number of weapons on the affected unit. All damage values—including those of special abilities that have damage values (such as AC, ARTX, FLK, HT, IF, LRM, SRM, TOR, and TUR) are reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 0). For units with multiple attacks (such as DropShips and mobile structures), a Weapon Hit critical will reduce the damage values at all ranges in a randomlydetermined arc by 50 percent (round down, to a minimum of 0). Weapon Hit criticals do not affect a unit’s physical attack values.

Critical Hit Table

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