Crew Skill Advancement

Each Pilot or Crew who survives a scenario earns 1 Experience Point.
After each scenario, any warrior may spend accumulated Experience Points and some SP on skill improvement.

Improving the Skill Rating of a Mechpilot costs 8 XP points and 200 SP per rating.
Improving the Skill Rating of a Vehicle Crew costs 8 XP points and 100 SP per rating.
Improving the Skill Rating of a Dropship Crew or Pilot costs 8 XP points and 1.000 SP per rating.
Improving the Skill Rating of a Infantry Unit costs 8 XP points and 500 SP per rating.

Each improvement reduces the rating by 1 and resets the XP of the Pilot or Crew to 0.
For example, spending 8 points and 200 SP to improve a Mechwarriorr’s current Skill of 4 would lower the skill rating to 3.

Maximum Skill Ratings: No skill Rating can be improved beyond 0.

Support Skill Improvement: The skill advancement of a force’s technical support will generally keep pace with the average Skill Rating of force’s combat units. To represent this, every time a force’s units undergo Skill advancement, the controlling player must recalculate the average Skill Rating for the entire combat force, and update the force’s Support Skill Ratings accordingly. This improvement of the force’s technical and medical support team skills is considered a free benefit under these rules; players will not need to spend SP to improve the abilities of their force’s technical and medical crews.

Hiring new Personnel
All new and replacement personnel are considered Green (Skill Rating 5) unless the player spends additional 600 SP to advance the new personnel’s Skill to Regular (Skill Rating 4) in advance. It is not possible to hire new or replacement personnel with a Skill Rating higher than Regular (Skill Rating 4).

Training Personel between Missions
Pilots and Crews can be trainined between missions to gain XP, but at a slower rate. This represents the fact that even though personnel can advance their skills outside of combat through rigorous training, nothing quite beats the experience of live combat. A unit can gain 0,5 XP per training session and each session costs 50 SP per unit. No matter how much time is allowed between scenarios, a unit may only advance its Skill Rating by 0,5 between missions (one training session).

Crew Skill Advancement

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