Alternate AutoCannon Munitions

Various types of autocannon munitions are available in Alpha Strike. All of these alternate munitions require the unit to possess an AC special ability. The rules for these munitions are detailed below. Attack and damage modifiers are also summarized in the Alternative Munitions Table.

Players should agree to the use of specialty munitions during the game setup, and record which of their units are using which types of specialty munitions. Every unit can load one type of specialty munition per battle.

Armor Piercing
Armor piercing ammunition applies a +1 to-hit modifier to the attack, whether it is made using only the AC special ability, or as part of the unit’s standard weapon attack.

When an attacker using armor piercing ammunition delivers a successful attack, reduce the damage value for the AC attack by 1, to a minimum of 1 damage point. The attacker then rolls 2D6. If the result is 10 or better, the attacker rolls once on the target’s Critical Hit table, even if it still has armor points remaining. This effect occurs whether or not the unit delivers a standard weapon attack or an attack using only its AC special ability.

If the target is an aerospace or infantry unit (including battle armor), armor piercing ammunition is treated as standard autocannon fire, neither suffering a damage loss nor delivering the extra chance for a critical hit.

Flak ammunition is only effective against airborne units, including aerospace units, airships, VTOLs, and WiGEs. When targeting such units, the autocannons of the unit can make an attack using the rules for the Flak (FLK) special ability, with the same damage values as its AC special. Because of this, if the attack misses by 2 points or less, the flak ammo will still score a hit.

For example, if a unit using Flak ammunition has standard attack values of 4/4/1 and an AC2/2/0 special, it could attack airborne units with its normal weapon attack and—thanks to the Flak ammo—still deliver 2/2/0 damage to the target on a shot that misses by 2 or less.

When an attacker using flechette ammunition attacks any conventional (non-battle armor) infantry or wooded/jungle terrain, it adds the appropriate damage values of its AC special for the range against such targets. Against all other targets, the attacker must subtract half of its AC special damage values (rounded down) from the unit’s normal attack values.

If a unit with flechette ammo attempts to use only its AC special ability to make the attack, ignore the rules above and instead deliver twice the AC ability’s damage to conventional infantry and wood or jungle terrain targets, but halve the AC ability’s damage (rounded down, to a minimum of 0) to all other targets.

When an attacker using precision ammo delivers a standard weapon attack, apply no to-hit modifier to the attack, but add 1 point of damage to a successful weapon attack if the target has a Move of 5 or more.

If a unit using precision ammunition chooses to attack with only its AC special ability, it applies a –2 to-hit modifier to the attack instead of receiving the damage bonus indicated above.

A unit using tracer ammunition eliminates any to-hit modifiers for dusk or dawn conditions, and reduces all other darkness modifiers by 1 point. This effect occurs whether or not the unit delivers a standard weapon attack or an attack using only its AC special ability.

Alternate AutoCannon Munitions

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