Paul Danton


Rank/Position: Leftenant/Medium Lance Commander, McKinnon’s Raiders
Born: 3000 (49 in 3049)
Affiliation: Federated Suns (House Davion)
Home Planet: Kestrel
Mech: CN9-D Centurion
Mech Piloting Skill: 2

Special Ability: Inspire (2)
Danton’s courage and professionalism inspires those around him. While he is alive and conscious and in a BattleMech that is not disabled or destroyed, other friendly BattleMechs ignore the requirements of the Forced Withdrawal rule.


The sprawling Danton family estates on Kestrel have made Paul a wealthy man, and the Danton family’s prestige was enhanced further when Paul was promoted to command McKinnon’s medium lance. An ambitious man, Paul worked hard to impress Ian McKinnon with his courage and skill while serving in the command lance. During the Battle of Udibi, Paul helped to plan the ambush that caught the command lance of Woomack’s Company of Wolf’s Dragoons. When Leftenant Karl Ryder was promoted, Ian offered Paul the Medium Lance command slot before the AFFC could foist an outsider on the Raiders.

Always immaculately groomed, Paul Danton gives all the appearance of being a stiff and proper by-the-book officer. Behind this facade lies a keen tactical mind that possesses the flexibility to execute McKinnon’s unconventional plans and to deal with the eccentricities of Dekker and Hill. Clearly intent on securing his own company command, Paul nonetheless is content to command one of McKinnon’s lances until a position in a suitably prestigious company becomes available.

Paul Danton sees no reason to be uncomfortable while in the field, and his wealth has allowed him to acquire the last word in MechWarrior combat suits.

Paul Danton

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