Mateo Alvarez


Rank/Position: Sergeant/McKinnon’s Raiders MechWarrior
Born: 2999 (50 in 3049)
Affiliation: Federated Suns (House Davion)
Home Planet: Kestrel
Mech: ASN-21 Assassin
Mech Piloting Skill: 3

Special Ability: Hot Dog (2)
After years battling with the defective cooling systems aboard his old Wasp, Alvarez has become an expert in nursing overheating BattleMechs to new heights of performance due to his knack for overriding safety limits. His mech can sustain 4 points of Heat before automatically shutting down, rather than the usual 3. At 4 points of Heat, his mech loses 4 hexes of ground movement and suffers a +4 to-hit modifier instead of shutting down.


Before the Battle of Butte Haven, Alvarez was an excellent recon pilot, but that was before Kate Nomura accused him of cowardice. Ian McKinnon threw out the charge, but Alvarez’s reputation had been tarnished. He started taking greater and greater risks in an attempt to prove his courage, but it would be long years before he could redeem himself in Nomura’s eyes. Caught in the path of a counterattack by the Third Benjamin Regulars during the War of ‘39, Nomura’s recon lance was forced to scatter. When she
ejected from her crippled Griffin, Alvarez braved fire from a whole company to rescue her.

Admitting she had been wrong about Alvarez, Nomura resigned her commission. His honor now restored, Alvarez was overjoyed to swap his heavily damaged Wasp (and its troublesome cooling system) for an old (but serviceable) Assassin.

Mateo Alvarez

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