Hiro Chipende


Rank/Position: Sergeant /McKinnon’s Raiders MechWarrior
Born: 3020 (29 in 3049)
Affiliation: Federated Suns (House Davion)
Home Planet: Kestrel
Mech: DV-6M Dervish
Mech Pilot Skill: 4

Special Ability: Hopper (1)
Hiro has an extremely fine sense of balance—so fine, in fact, that he can even remain mobile after one of his ’Mech’s legs has been blown off. Hiro can make a special Control Roll any time it suffers enough MP Hit criticals to reduce its movement to 1 Hex or less. If this special roll equals or exceeds a target number equal to 2 plus the Hiro’s Skill Rating, the unit remains mobile, with a minimum ground Move of 1 Hex. Subsequent MP Hit criticals may prompt more than one of these rolls per scenario.

Note: This ability does not grant movement if the unit has been immobilized for other reasons—such as when shutdown or stuck in bog down terrain.


In truth, Hiro Chipende never wanted to be a MechWarrior.
However, he felt honor-bound to undergo training to satisfy his family. Hiro was secure in the knowledge that the likelihood of his ever having to assume the family’s hereditary position in the Raiders was slim.

However, with his brother Takeo’s death, the fortunes of the Chipende family fell dramatically. The destruction of the family Archer in the Second Battle of Gandy’s Luck lost the Chipende’s prestigious Medium Lance command slot. Under pressure from his family, Iskoru fought bravely to regain the family honor. Unfortunately, even his legendary luck could not last forever, and he was killed when his ‘Mech’s ammunition exploded during the fighting on Klathandu IV. Suddenly thrust into the heat of battle, Hiro has proven an adequate MechWarrior, but he has never quite lost that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look commonly found on the faces of green troopers.

Hiro Chipende

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