Henrik Dekker


Rank/Position: Sergeant/McKinnon’s Raiders MechWarrior
Born: 2991 (57 in 3049)
Affiliation: Federated Suns (House Davion)
Home Planet: Kestrel
Mech: JVN-10N Javelin
Mech Piloting Skill: 3

Special Ability: Psychological Warfare (3)
Captain Ian McKinnon has found a unique application for the New Calvinist’s fondness for quoting passages from the Old Testament in the heat of battle. At Marlowe’s Rift, McKinnon learned the frequency of the enemy command channel and tied into it—sowing chaos and confusion in the enemy ranks.

At the beginning of any turn, Dekker can launch a psychological assault on a single opposing unit that is in Line of Sight with his BattleMech. The target must be declared prior to the Movement Phase, Dekker must be conscious, and his ’Mech must not have taken any structure hits. For the duration of the turn, Dekker’s victim will become confused and disorientated. The opposing unit may only either move or shoot this turn.

The player(s) controlling the opposing force can negate Dekker’s ability by shutting down their comm systems. Doing so is declared during the End Phase of a turn—as is the decision to turn their comm systems back on. When playing with a disabled comm system, a –2 modifier is applied to that team’s Initiative rolls.


As a devoutly religious man, Henrik Dekker is an oddity among Successor State MechWarriors. The McKinnons, however, have managed to put the New Calvinist’s fondness for quoting entire passages from the Old Testament while in the midst of battle to good use. At Marlowe’s Rift, Captain Ian McKinnon learned the frequency of the enemy command channel and had Dekker tie into it, completely confusing enemy communications during the battle. This tactic later proved very effective against the Clans. When confronted with a ‘Mech spouting passages of religious texts, many Clan MechWarriors pause to recite from their Remembrance, a long poem created to preserve their Clan’s history.

Henrik Dekker’s late night debates with Hill have become the stuff of legends among the Raiders.

Henrik Dekker

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