Dave “Tiny” Hill


Rank/Position: Sergeant/McKinnon’s Raiders MechWarrior
Born: 3019 (30 in 3049)
Affiliation: Federated Suns (House Davion)
Home Planet: Macintosh
Mech: JM-6S JagerMech
Mech Piloting Skill: 3

Special Ability: Tough as Nails (3)
Dave ignores the “Pilot is already wounded” Checkbox during the diagnostics roll.


Born into a family of brilliant computer engineers, Dave Hill won a scholarship to the prestigious NAIS, where he was quickly identified as potential MechWarrior material. Graduating with doctorates in computer science and politics, Hill’s high grades put him at the top of the list the AFFS presented Ian McKinnon when the Raider’s commander had to select a replacement for Ernst Lang in 3038.

One of the few “outsiders” to serve with the Raiders, “Tiny” had to work hard to prove himself. While a competent MechWarrior, he greatest asset Dave has brought to the command is a thorough understanding of the social and political dynamics of the Inner Sphere. Ross found his input invaluable when selecting targets that would have the maximum psychological impact for the Raider’s rampage across the Lyran Alliance during the Civil War. As a result, Hill now serves as the company’s intelligence officer.

A confirmed atheist, Hill has been engaged with Dekker in an extended debate about the place of God and religion in a star-faring society for over ten years. The other members of the company make a point of not becoming involved, finding something—anything—that requires their immediate attention elsewhere.

Dave “Tiny” Hill

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